Various models

I would like your assistance with identifying the models in this ad, please! 🙂

Boys' Life feb 1974 (1) Boys' Life feb 1974 (2)good things happen on a Honda.
Boys and their dads getting together. Women discovering a whole new movement. Young men just feeling free. People having fun in their own special way. Those are some of the good things that happen on a Honda. And no matter what your way may be—traveling on the highway, slow-trailing through the country, riding with all the family or even racing around the track—Honda has a bike for you. That’s why we’re the motorcycle leader. No one else offers you as big a selection. No one else matches our reputation for dependability. And no one else has as many friendly dealers to help get you started and keep you going. One of these dealers is sure to be in your neighborhood. Drop by. Take a ride on a Honda. Your Honda. And let the good things happen to you.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: February 1974

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