Honda XR75 and MR50

Boys' Life juni 1974Room at the top.
You’ll top your favorite hill with either of two great motocross-style bikes from Honda. MR-50. Inspired by the famous Honda Elsinore™ motocross machines, the MR-50 is an all-new two-stroker with weight pared to the minimum — for maximum performance. A 49cc engine has possibly never been put to better use than here. One sprint on the MR-50 will prove that to you. And regardless of where you go in the rough with this machine, you 11 still be playing it safe—with a heat-shielded spark arrestor/muffler, easy-to-use controls, shielded drive chain, lots of braking power. XR-75 K1. If you’re ready to move up a notch, the XR-75 K1 is a bike to move to. And move you will, with 72cc’s under you. The engine is as near an unbreakable four-stroker as we know how to make. And we’ve made a lot of them. The frame geometry provides a low-slung seat that gives you comfortable control and great handling. The look of this machine, from its metallic grey paint to the flat black spark arrestor/muffler, is just plain dynamite. Your Honda dealer has the new MR-50 and the popular XR-75 K1 on display now. Get over to see them, feel them, appreciate all the engineering excellence we’ve put into them. After you’ve done that, head for the hills— and the room at the top.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: June 1974

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