Honda XL70 and XL100

Boys' Life mei 1974The XL-70 and XL-100. Country cousins.
Head for the back country. And take along either of two great on / off-road bikes. The new Honda XL-70 has a lot of motocross looks going for it: Motocross handlebars. High-riding fenders. Upswept muffler. Racing stripes. And a dependable, four-stroke engine with four-speed trans. Plus lighting, instrumentation and safety features that can give you a safer feeling when you’re doing your favorite number. The XL-100 packs more cc’s —for greater response when and where you want it. More of the same great motocross-style looks. Overall, it’s a tough, lean machine that’s bound to be a tempting contender for anyone in the market for fun! See the Honda XL-70 and XL-100 at your Honda dealer’s.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: May 1974

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