Honda XL275S

xl275s-1978FIRST INTO THE future

1978 Honda XL-250S:
light, lean and lickety-split.

You’re looking at one of the most exciting, futuristic advances in dual-purpose motorcycle technology. It’s the new 1978 Honda SL-250S and is it ever light. Only 260 lbs. dry! On a dual-purpose bike this light you can sail across rough terrain. Or use its slim configuration to maneuver through tight spots that might leave others looking for an alternate route.

And you can power up hills. Fed by its accelerator-pump-equipped 29mm Keihin caburetor you can feel the strong borad power of the big-bore, short-stroke, 249cc, OHC engine come alive. For 1978, the XL engine features new, dual counter-balancers to reduce vibration, CD ignition and an improved four-valve head. The new head sports larger exhaust valves and dual exhaust ports that mate to twin header pipes for improved exhaust flow, more rpm. When you ask the XL for more power, it delivers. All the way ip to a dirt-digging, road-ready 20,2 hp* at 7500 rpm.

Handling to go with the light weight and power? The XL’s got it.

With its new leading-axle forks delivering 8 inches of travel, and gas-pressurized laydown shocks yielding 7 inches of read wheel movement, the new XL-250S has more suspension travel than any other dual-purpose mahine. Regardless of size!

Impressed? There is even more.

The XL-250S chassis and suspension were designed to work with tis unique, new 23-inch front wheel. This larger new wheel is a first for production dual-purpose machines. it helps the XL steer, corner and brake better than ever by laying a longer footprint on the ground. And only the new Honda XL-250S has this revolutionary new wheel!

And only the XL-250S comes equipped with the new, special tread pattern tires designed by Honda. These 3.00-23 and 4.60-18 tires are designed to increase traction both on- and off-road so can take better advantage of all the XL’s performance features.

In the demanding world of road and rough, the 20,2 hp, 260-lb. long-travel Honda XL-250S leads the way into the future. Don’t be left behind. See it at your Honda dealer’s today.

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