Honda XL100, XL125 and XL180

FFANationalFutureFarmer284AprMay1980-p09-smLooks good, right? Churning up dust on a back road hardly anybody knows about. Ttekking up a trail under a perfect blue sky. Or maybe singing down the highway on the way to work or school. Three fantastic kinds of riding. On one fantastic kino of motorcycle. A Honda XL dual-purpose motorcycle. Made to go both on the road and off. Honda dual-purpose bikes are completely street legal. With headlight, horn, turn signals-the works. But they’re built tough for off-road riding, too. With dual purpose tires and a rugged skid plate to help protect the engine when the going gets rough. Smooth, powerful four-stroke engines ot 99, 124,180 cc’s give you plenty of punch for either street or dirt. With an even-pulling powerband as broad as Illinois. And Honda’s legendary reputation for reliability, which can mean plenty when your riding takes you thirty miles from nowhere. The Honda XLs are lightweight as a bantam rooster and just about as scrappy. And since there’s a whole line of them, one will fit you sure as there’s mud in April. Even more important, it’ll fit the kind of riding you want to do. Whether it’s just around town. Or very far out.

Source: FFA National Future Farmer
Issue: 284
Page: 9
Date: April – may 1980

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