Honda VF500F2 (1984)


With the all-new VF500F2 we’ve managed what only a few years ago would’ve been considered virtually impossible: cramming almost 1000ccs of performance into a four-stroke 500, yet at the same time keeping the bike tractable enough to putter round town on.

The VF500F2 achieves this through the race-developed technology of its 90° V4 engine and a total dry weight of only 185kg (408lbs).

This powerful, compact package bulges with 70PS, liquid cooling, 16 valves, hydraulically actuated clutch, electronic ignition and a 6-speed close-ratio gearbox.

Crammed into the rest of this bike is a race-style frame of rectangular section tubing, 37mm air-assisted front forks with TRAC anti-dive and brace, single-shock Pro-link rear suspension with 4-way adjustable rebound damping, aluminium box-section swingarm, triple disc brakes with dual-piston calipers and semi-metallic pads, a 16″ front wheel for increased steering response, and an aerodynamic race-style full fairing.

VF400F and VT250F
Also crammed with more performance than you’d expect from four-strokes of their capacity are the four-cylinder VF400F and twin-cylinder VF250F; 55PS for the 400 and 35PS for the 250. Both bikes have liquid cooled 90° V-engines, race-style triangulated frames, single-shock Pro-link rear suspension, quick-steering 16″ front wheels, 6-speed gearboxes, hydraulically actuated clutches, enclosed front disc brakes, and fork braces.

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