Honda SL70 (Motosport 70)

Field Stream juni 1972

Take a bike hike.

With the Honda Motosport 70. Not too small, not too big-it’s the perfect size for everyone in the family. It’s the perfect size for exploring the great outdoors. The famous four-stroke overhead-cam Honda engine on the SL-70 packs plenty of power for whipping along country lanes. And the torque for climbing mountain trails. Rough riding demands tough suspension and high ground clearance. The SL-70 delivers them both. Telescopic oil-dampened shocks front and rear. Larger front wheel and upswept pipe. To protect the countryside, the 70 features a quiet USDA-approved spark arrestor / muffler. To protect you-a strong Honda warranty backed by the largest network of experienced dealers in the United States. Visit one of those dealers soon. Discover how much more you can do and see in the country on a bike. And how much more fun it is, when that bike’s a Honda. The Honda Motosport 70.

Field and Stream, June 1972

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