Honda S90 Deluxe

S90_deluxe1 S90_deluxeThe deluxe sports Bike
Equally nice for pleasure riding or scooting around the city

This deluxe sports motorcycle from Honda is equally at home on a pleasure trip with a friend or buzzing around town on business. Many extra features like a fully enclosed chaincase, lokable gas tank cap, seperate speedometer and exclusive key light put it in a class of its own. Neat T-bone frame, another Honda innovation, and big 18-inch wheels lend speedy styling to the 90 Sports. The deluxe tuck-and-roll seat and sleek chrome-sided tank are eue-catchers, like the chome fenders and exposed damper springs.

Adding to the good looks is the nearly horizontal mounted engine in light, quick-cooling aluminum alloy. An overhead camshaft and downdraft carburetor give this fast-revving single added power and quick acceleration. A full 8 horsepower fed through a smooth 4-speed gearbox means 100 km/h speeds. Yet, because it’s a Honda 4-stroke, this great output is combined with real reliability and amazing gas milage.

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