Honda CX500

Also known as the CX500 Custom. There should be a full-width mirror at every Honda dealer. Because if you saw how you look on this one you’ll know it was made just for you. That’s why we call it the Custom.

Its contoured saddle and teardrop tank lets you ride low and easy. Pullback handlebars give you that laid-back look. engine parts are spit-polish bright. Rear tire is fat. Mufflers are short and sweet. Black highlighted ComStars ™ look as tough as they really are.

We even went so far as turning the cylinderheads 22 degrees to keep CV carbs away from knees. You get a sleeker profile than you ever thought possible on a bike with this much power. Lean and hungry for action.

AS you can see the Custom’s like no other Honda we’ve ever made. Actually it’s like no other motorcycle anyone’s ever made. Not on either side of either ocean. Not with the combination of looks and power that this ones got.

It’s got the very same engine and drive train that revolutionized the middleweight class last year. And engines like Honda;s liquid-cooled, shaft-driven, 496cc V-twin don’t come along very often. Nor do bikes as special as the Custom.

See the one youve been waiting for Honda to build. Át your Honda dealers today. And please – always ride safely.

©1979 AHM

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  1. Jason 24 July 2018 21:37

    I used to have this bike!

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