Honda CT110

(not sure about this model)

LIFE 14 juli 1972

Motorcycles and much, much more.

When a father and son take a weekend and go riding in the country together, all sorts of good things can happen. You’ll see and learn more about the country, because you can get deeper into it. You’ll see and learn more about each other, because you’re sharing in the fun and excitement of a new adventure. Good for your son. A small motorcycle means a lot to a young boy. It can give him the fun, excitement and feeling of freedom that he naturally wants. And it does it in a constructive way, because it can also give him a sense of responsibility. Especially if he helps to pay for and to maintain, his own bikeGood for you. To a father, a motorcycle is a good release. Getting away for a weekend of riding can clear your mind of business and give your body some exercise at the same time. When the riding’s done for the day, you and your son can talk about your bikes, about what you’ve just seen and done and about the things fathers and sons should talk about. The country, the riding – and the bikes – somehow make the talking easier. Honda can help. At Honda, we sell more motorcycles than anyone else in the world. We believe it’s because we make the finest. And we make them in all sizes. So there’s certain to be one that’s perfect for your son… perfect for you. Each Honda features the dependable Honda four-stroke engine. Every model is backed by a strong written warranty which, in turn, is backed by the largest network of full-service motorcycle dealerships in the country. And to help protect the environment, all Honda off-road machines have have special spark arrestor/mufflers approved by the United States Department of Agriculture. get to see your nearby Honda dealer soon. Then get away and get together with you son for a weekend. You’ll discover more than beautiful new country. Much more.

For safety, we recommend that you always wear a helmet and eye protection, keep your lights on and check the local laws before you ride.
For a free 8-page booklet on the fun and facts of small bike riding, write: American Honda motor Co., lnc., Dept. LC. Box 50, Gardena, California 90247. (c)1972 AHM.

Life magazine, July 14th, 1972

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