Honda CD50

honda-cd50_1-2 honda-cd50_2-2commuting bike With sleek Styling

Styling is sleek. Riding is easy and comfortable. Running cost is low. Power is plentiful. All this plus Honda’s famed 4-stroke reliability. You’ll find this new bike from Honda just what you’ve been wanting for commuting to school or work, quick trips around town or a leisurely tour along rural roads. A 4-speed transmission makes the overhead camshaft engine’s power particularly easy to use at low and medium speeds—the kind of riding that you do most. It’s quick up hills, too, even riding double. Fun and useful, simple and inexpensive, easy to ride and safe. That sums up the new Honda 50.

Plenty of Power Plus Top Reliability and Real Economy
Power you can depend on all the time at a price you can afford easily. The power and reliability come from the proven Honda OHC 4 stroke engine which produces 5.2 horsepower. The 4 speed gearbox lets you enjoy speeds up to 50 mph (80 kph). Cooling is good, so you don’t have the overheating worries that plague the 2 stroke owner. The engine is clean and quiet, and there is no exhaust smoke. Servicing is quite simple, too. The high performance engine is mounted in Honda’s unique T-bone frame. The air cleaner and battery are com­pactly fitted into the center of the frame, safe from dust and rain. The sleek tank and dual seat highlight the slim styling which makes this Honda 50 look as good as it runs. Long hours of riding every day -without tiring are pro­vided by the soft suspension. Bright lamps with handlebar switch, big brakes and many other features assure riding safety. Deep fenders and a full chaincase keep mud and oil off the bike and rider. Running costs are so low you can ride every day. You get up to 254 miles on one Imperial gallon of gas <212 mi US gal. 90 km. liter).

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    do you have any idea the year of the magazine ? the date ?

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      Unfortunately, I have no data about the origins or date of this brochure. Often enough I do manage to retrieve such data but not for this one!

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