Honda CB77 (305 Super Sport)

Who will win the CC vs RPM war?

There are men who still believe that the more cc’s they’ve got the better the bike. It’s the old myth that engine capacity is synonymous with power. Honda owners disagree-violently. A high-revving Honda will give a big 500 cc a run for its money any day-and still have lots of change left over.

Honda’s fantastically high rpm is a result of superior engineering. Instruments with a .0001″ diamond stylus probe microscopic hills on metal surfaces that appear as smooth as glass to a micrometer. They set the exacting standards for all Honda components. Engineering such as this accounts for the miracle of high rpm. And results in Honda winning all those races.

For instance, with a Honda 305 super sport you can cruise forever at 75 mph at about 6,500 rpm … and have a lot of rpm’s left for hitting the top.

But don’t take our word for it-the man who tested a Honda 305 Super Sport for MOTOR CYCLING put It this way: “The conception of the sporting roadster as a contraption necessarily rather stark, rather noisy and rather intractable is dead, buried and patted down flat.” So that’s that.

Just the same, Honda doesn’t have anything against those big cc machines … there’s a place for them. The Honda 305 Super Sport costs only £269.19.0 (That’s something else you can compare with those big bikes.)

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Source: Motorcycle Mechanics

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