Honda CB650SC, CX500C, CM250T, CM200T and CM125C


If profiling’s your style. looking good is easy, after all, there are plenty of custom style bikes to choose from. Especially in the Honda range. But with our cruisers you get the chance to prove you’re smart too. Smart, because only our cruisers come with the Honda pedigree of advanced technology and legendary reliability.

CB650SC Nighthawk
To prove that this bike has as much go as show, its engine is an overhead camshaft 626cc four cylinder four-stroke unit that punches out 63PS. Powerful braking comes from our latest dualpiston calipers biting onto twin discs up front and a dependable drum at the rear. Ignition is a high performance, no-hassle transistorised system, and to help you be bright as well as smart the headlamp is a powerful 55/60 watt halogen unit.

Everything about this bike lets you relax and cruise in style, from the 80° liquid cooled V-twin engine with four valves per cylinder: the no-maintenance CD Ignition, to the low-maintenance shaft final drive. Effortless braking is provided by twin discs up front and a dependable drum at the rear. Other features include tubeless tyres and a 55/60 watt halogen headlamp.

Hidden beneath that big-bike look lies one of the CM250T’s hidden beauties, small-bike running costs. Power comes from a well-proven 248cc overhead camshaft four-stroke twin cylinder engine with tree valves per cylinder and Pentroof combustion chambers for efficient combustion, while mid-range power is boosted by our Power Chamber exhaust system. Braking is taken core of by a disc at the front and a drum at the rear.

Simple and rakish, the CM200T features a rugged overhead camshaft twin cylinder four-stroke engine with no-hassle CD Ignition. electric starting, and a four-speed gearbox geared to make the most of every gallon of petrol. Brakes, front and rear, are efficient drums.

This bike is perfect for those who want to learn in style. Although limited to the compulsory 12PS, there’s no limit to the technology that went into CM125C’s 124cc overhead camshaft twin cylinder four-stroke engine.

Featuring no-hassle CD ignition with electronic advance, it drives trough a 5-speed gearbox to make the most of those 12 horses. Brakes, back and front, are drums.

Such carefully designed and thoroughly engineered bikes as our cruisers deserve a backup service and acccessory and clothing range that’s just as well thought-out and well designed. The backup service is the outstandingly comprehensive Honda care scheme, and the accessory and clothing range comes in the form of the Honda-style range of goods. For literature and prices phone the Honda Hotline on 01-4093189.

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