Honda CB450 Black Bomber

It’s the biggest,beefiest touring twin from Japan! Sit astride this black beauty. It’s the greatest you’ve ever known. Revs or capacity? It’s got both. The new Honda 450 is twin cylinder, 444 cc. with a power output of 43 bhp at 8,500 rpm. It’s got a 180° pattern crankshaft, four-speed gearbox with positive stop change, multiplate clutch, and the sweetest suspension ever.

Its maximum speed is around 106 mph. It bombs the standing quarter-mile in 13.9 sees, and makes 0-75 mph in 8.6 secs.

Braking distance is 33 ft. from 30 mph. Fuel consumption is only 65 mpg. There are lots more features to the Honda 450. Look in at your dealers and see it.

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