Honda CA92

Santa’s Helper

She’s smooth, svelte, yet kind of comfy. Twist her throttle and she responds to the utmost of her twin cylinder, 4-stroke OHC engine. Her 4-speed transmission never misses a mesh. At 10.500 rpm 16,5 reindeer are in there prancin’ and dancin’ – horns and all. Add to that a 150cc capacity, and an 8:1 compression ratio and you’ll know what makes Santa go ho, ho, ho. She’s a self starter too. Which saves a man a lot of trouble. Want ner number? It’s Honda CA-95. If the line’s busy, you can het the address of your nearest dealer or other information, by writing AMerican Honda Motor Co., Inc., Department DM, 100 W. Alondra, Gardena, California.

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