Honda CA102

1509506cbb6f654e2670a51c1a8798e8holidays ARE HONDA DAYS

If you want to add new fun and excitement to the pleasant summer days ahead, just add a Honda “50” to your holiday plans. It’s the care-free, car-free way of going places – America’s new riding habit.

You’ll love that fantastic Honda mileage – up to 225 miles per gallon. And the superb Honda 4-stroke engine that breezes you along at a whisper-quiet 40mph. The Honda “50” easily carries double too. The Honda “50” is so lightweight (only 123 lbs.) … so easy to handle (thanks to its automatic clutch, 3 speed transmission and dual cam-type brakes both front and rear) … and so easy to care for ( it’s practically maintenance-free), that housewives, co-eds and secretaries are as Honda-happy as the men. Parking is now a pleasure instead of a problem.

Why wait to start enjoying your Honda holidays? For the name of your nearest Honda dealer, there are more than 800 across the country – call Western Union by number and ask for operator 25.

Model changed to CA102, a suggestion made by “Boo”. Thank you!

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