Honda C102 (1963)

Theres never been anythin like the new range of 50 cc Hondas. Here’s instant starting, arrowswift acceleration, powerful climbing, in machines only three times heavier than a pedal-cycle … And Honda are not here on trial. Although the 50′s are new to Britain this Season, over 2,000,000 have been sold throughout the world two million reasons why you won’t be let down on a Honda.  Backed by £138,000 spent every month on continuous research ... the ’50’s are already proved! What’s in a Honda ’50’ for you? The smoothness of a four-stroke O.H.V. power unit • Top speed over 40 m.p.h. Fantastic economy • Standard equipment includes winking trafficators, speedometer, leg-shields, twin mirrors, steering head lock, enclosed chain Self-starter (C102), 3 gears and automatic clutch • Bottom rate insurance premiums • Spares network second to none (your dealer gets the spare parts before the machines). See and try them NOW at your dealer’s, or write for leaflets and FREE road-test reports to: HONDA U.K. BRANCH 2 Manorgate Road, Kingstonupon-Thames, Surrey.

Source: Motorcycle Mechanic, 1963

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