Honda C100

books33Date of issue: April, 1963
Shown on page: 33
Magazine: Popular Science

Just add a gallon of gas and you’re ready to go 225 miles.

Up to 225 miles per gallon is no trick at all for the thrifty Honda “50”. But its amazing economy and low price tag are only the beginning. Thousands of americans each month are discovering how much fun two-wheel travel can be… to work, to school, to outdoor recreation spots… on the Honda “50”. Traffic’s a breeze. You can park the “50” anywhere. And Honda’s superb 4-stroke, 50cc OHV pwer plant – the envy of engine manufacturers the world over – purrs like a kitten at 45 mph cruising speed. With its automatic clutch, 3-speed transmission and advanced, dual cam-type brakes front and rear, even a youngster can ride the Honda “50” safely and easily the first time out! # Get aquainted with America’s new riding habit (there are 4 beautiful models, including the all new “55”) at one of the more than 800 Honda dealers across the country. For the dealers nearest you, call Western Union by number and ask for operator 25. Or check your Yellow Pages.

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