Honda ATC90 and Honda Odyssey

Field_Stream_april_1978Doing all the everyday things you have to do can be a drag. But there’s no law that says tending your property (mend­ing fences, herding livestock, etc.) can’t be fun. That’s where Honda comes in. Our work-and-play machines will actually make you invent new jobs to do. Our sporty three-wheeler is the 1978 ATC 90. It goes nearly everywhere… through mud, sand, creek beds, hardpacked snow; in fact, just about anything mother nature can throw in your way. Power’s supplied by Honda’s super rugged four-stroke OHC engine, a powerplant with over 15 years experience and refinement. Huge low-pressure knobby tires provide excellent traction. Then, there’s the unreal 1978 Honda Odyssey! It looks like something out of a neat science fiction film, which gives you some idea of its engineering sophis­tication. The engine is Honda’s 248cc two-stroke with Salsbury automatic clutch  and torque converter. Steering and controls are in one unit, an aircraft-type steering yoke. Four-point padded roll bars arc removable for easy transporting. Altogether, an incredibly well thought out vehicle… for work and play. Honda and work just naturally go together. Ask a friend who’s got one. Then, make it on down to your Honda dealer’s!

Source: Field and Stream
Date: April 1978

2 comments on “Honda ATC90 and Honda Odyssey

  1. Goldie 20 December 2014 23:01

    Dacht alles wel te kennen van Honda, maar deze Honda Odyssey is echt vet cool

    • admin 22 December 2014 11:21

      Lekker effe mee door over het strand scheuren! Ik zie het wel zitten! 😀

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