Honda ATC200

FFANationalFutureFarmer302DecJan198182-p06-smIf you don’t have something to pick up, why take the pickup?

When you take a big truck on a small chore, you’re wasting gas and money. But when you take an ATC®200 you start saving both. Not only is a new Honda thousands of dollars cheaper than a new pickup, it’s also cheaper to operate. Because it runs on a single cylinder instead of four, six or eight. And since it runs almost anywhere on its all-terrain tires, it’s perfect for hundreds of short trips where the only payload is yourself. Of course, when you do have something to carry, we have a full line of op­tional accessories to carry it. Including racks, baskets and trailer hitches. But don’t think we’re trying to re­place your truck with an ATC200. We’re not. We just want to free it for the big jobs. By doing all the small ones.

Source: FFA National Future Farmer
Issue: 302
Page: 6
Date: December – January 1981/82

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