Honda ATC110

Field Stream okt 1978The 1979 Honda ATC 110.
Once upon a farm, the 1979 Honda ATC® 110 can help with all kinds of jobs on all kinds of terrain. It’ll help you tackle work like checking livestock, supervising farm workers and inspecting fences. And it’ll tackle terrain like mud, hills, brush, even hard-packed snow. This latest, biggest Honda ATC® features greater power (a bigger 105 cc single-cylinder engine) and three-wheel tractability, plus big fat flotation tires* and an automatic clutch that help make work seem less like work. It may even offer tax benefits to the extent it’s used in business. Get the full story at your Honda motorcycle dealer.

The 1979 Hondo ATC 110.
Once upon a weekend, the 1979 Honda ATC® 110 can help make all kinds of recreation all kinds of fun. It’ll tackle getting both you and your tackle to the fish, and getting you through mud on the way to the big game. With all kinds of performance features you expect from a Honda, like a more powerful engine and a dual-range four-speed transmission for lots of flexibility. This Honda ATC® is one of the nicest looking we’ve ever made, too. So before you take your next vacation, take some advice: see your Honda motorcycle dealer. We know you’ll love his story.

Source: Field and Stream
Date: October 1978

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