Honda 90

Best companion for quick trips, leisure riding

The dependable Honda 90 has proven the best all-around motorcycle among the dozens of models available in this most popular size. It shines particularly when ridden on highway trips or in general pleasure riding to make the owner’s leisure time more enjoyable. The well-cushioned seat, wide for comfort and quite long enough to carry two adults without crowding, and smooth suspension system to prove a winner for the man who rides his motorcycle frequently or for many hours at a time.

Manu other aspects mae this one of the safest motorcycles available, such as the automobile size lamps. Smooth-acting brakes assure rapid stopping without skidding, another indication of the Honda Quality. Perfectly placed, simple to operate controls and switches add to the overall safe handling picture.

Real economy of operation is reainted even though a full 7½ horsepower makes possible speeds up to nearly 50 mph (95 kph) and gives quick accelleration. Best of all, it’s so safe and easy to ride even the beginner feels right at home immediately.


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