Honda 65 Sports

Amazingly quiet, inexpensive sports bike

Fast get-away, speedy Honda 65 sports

This is the good-looking sportster that runs away from most 63cc machines. Really terrific acceleration through a 4-speed gearbox and racing type hand clutch. Quick power from the 6.2 hp overhead camshaft engine.

The world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles now offers this Honda 65 Sports at a quite inexpensive price. Running costs are very low as well, and repairs and servicing are almost unneeded.

Most amzaing is the silent running of this hot sports bike. The engine has been soundproofed, with special attention to the upswept muffler, gears air cleaner and auutomatically tensioned cam chain. The result is a motorbike for the real sportsman without the unpleasant noise usually ptoduced by high performance machines.

Safety isn’t neglected by any means. Big brakes are fitted to control the better then 55 mph (90 kph) speed. The rear dampers are adjustable and ripples are smoothed out ot the from suspension with oil dampening. Handily places controls and a comfortable riding position add to safe, non-tiring riding. Large, powerful lamps assure night riding safety.

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