CX650 Turbo (1982)

The bike above is an assault course for oils. It has a turbo charger that spins at 200,000 r.p.m. and an engine that reaches the temperature of Hell itself. If an oil’s not fit enough, it gets flattened. Which is why, when we made the bike, we blended an oil to go with it.

A special high temperature SAE10W/40 oil that not only reduces friction and
drag, but is sophisticated enough even to exceed the excruciating requirements of the most demanding machine on the road. It handles the assault course like a Sunday jog.

Yet the beauty is, though it’s been made especially for a Turbo, you don’t especially need a Turbo to use it. After all, if it can tackle that, think what it can do for your bike.

Source: Bike, 1982

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