Honda TL125

Double-Duty Trials bike Can Serve in city, Too

An updated trials bike built for on- and off-road cycling! This Honda Lightweight TL125 packs an energy quick 8bhp, OHC four-stroke single cylinder engine and a five-speed constant-mesh gearbox to propel you with great ease over back country trails or along the most modern of highways.

With a twist of your wrist the high-torque 124cc air-cooled engine delivers up to 8,000 rpm, providing plenty of acceleration thrust. A wet multi-plate clutch system insures fast, fluid shifting. And his durable dynamo scales hills up to 32 degrees in steepness. It’ll go where you want. Turns at angles of up to 150 degrees.

Swift and sure-footed this scrambler pits outstanding performance alongside excellent economy. You can count on it, no matter how rugged the conditions.

It’s right at home in the city, too. It comes equipped with front and rear lighting systems, a flashing red brake light, yellow blinking turn-signals, two rear-view mirrors and a bright-faced, easy-to-read speedometer.

Ready to go? A kick of the starter and the throaty rumble of power is your invitation to ride. Sit down on the comfortable, contoured seat. This one’s on Honda.

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