Honda ST90

Field Stream juni 1973

Our new trail bike gives you a little extra: A street bike.

This symbol stands for one of the five kinds of Honda riding: Trail bikes. Like our spanking new ST-90. It’s a trail bike. No mistaking that. It has all the features you’d want. Plus one extra: It’s street-legal.

So you get double duty. The ST-90 has ample torque for tackling back-country trails. Plenty of smooth power for cruising on the street. And, with the folding handlebars, it totes easily to your favorite fun places. The engine is a Honda 89cc overhead cam four-stroke. Proved the most versatile type of engine. Justly famous for reliability, too.

Riding the ST-90 is simplicity itself. It has an automatic clutch. So it shifts gears with a touch of your toe. The husky brakes are hand- and foot-operated. And the heavy-duty suspension smooths out bump, rut or hole. We even put the ignition cut-off switch at your fingertips.

And you’ll be welcome wherever you go. The ST-90 has a US DA-approved spark arrestor/muffler design for safety and quiet. Kind to the environment.

Ride a Honda ST-90 soon. It’s waiting for you under that bright green sign at your Honda dealer’s now. While you’re there, see our road, on/off road, dirt and minibikes, as well as the other trail bikes. It’s the only place you’ll find a bike for every buyer. Honda has it all.

For safety, we recommend that you always wear a helmet and eye protection, keep your lights on and check the local laws before you ride. For a free color brochure, write: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Dept. RC, Box 50, Gardena, California 90247. (§) 1973 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Source: Field and Stream
Date: June, 1973

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