Honda ST90, CT90 and misc. products

Field_Stream_aug_1973We help you make fun out of roads and trails.

A bike that Mom will like. Our new ST-90. She’ll find the automatic clutch simple to use. And the ST-90 is plenty perky with 89cc’s of power. It’s ideal for zipping off to the store. Or to take on a back country scenic tour. Padded seat and heavy-duty suspension give a smooth ride. And the ST-90 is a safe, quiet traveller: it has the famous Honda spark arrestor/muffler. Mother’s helper. Honda’s new ST-90.
Take a high road. Take a low road. The Honda trail 90 (CT-90 K4) gets you there smartly. Exclusive Honda Positorque dual-range transmis­sion has “high” for putting along. “Low” for the rough, for climbing. Ideal for Dad’s fishing forays, the Trail 90 has plenty of smooth four-stroke power. The special carb is adjustable for varying altitudes. And nature loves the USDA-approved spark arrestor/muffler. No wonder it’s America’s favourite trail bike. By far.

Source: Field and Stream
Date: August 1973

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