Honda ATC70, Z50A and ST90

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These symbols stand for two of the five kinds of Honda riding. They speak of the wind, clean in your face. Great sounds.The trees whipping past. The experience of escape. It’s fun. And easy. On a Honda. These three Hondas are especially popular with younger guys. And with parents, too. Because Honda is famous for safety and quality features: Peppy four-stroke engines. Husky brakes. Sturdy frames. All have automatic clutches for simple-shifting. USDA-approved spark arrestor/ mufflers. Quick kick starters. And ignition cut-off switches. For off-road riding only, try our great Mini trail* 50 (upper right photo). Or our smashing new ATC-70 (upper left), the compact, go-anywhere three-wheeler. If you’re a young licensed rider, try the new ST-90. It’s 90 cc’s of double-duty beauty, ready for street or trail. Honda has it all: a bike for every buyer. Only at your Honda dealer. He’s a member of the biggest bike parts/service network in the USA.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: May 1973

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  1. Goldie 13 January 2015 09:55

    Also here,

    CT50 is a Z50a mini trail

    • admin 13 January 2015 11:08

      I just now spotted the fuel tank… Too busy transcribing and posting stuff hehehe. Thanks! 😀

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