Honda Z50A

LIFE 26 sept 1969

Pull up the handlebars. Fold down the foot pegs. And start her up. Your Honda Mini Trails ready to rough it. A strictly off-the-road machine that’ll take you above the timberline. Or down to the lakeshore. Never has so much power, performance, and convenience been packed into a mere 108 lbs. But that’s Honda’s scene. Doing the impossible. You’d expect a manual clutch. Nothing doing. The Honda Mini Trail’s is automatic. with three-speed transmission. Anybody can ride it. The engine is what you’d expect. The dependable Honda four-stroke overhead camshaft design. A rugged virtuoso that can handle all conditions. The Honda Mini Trail is also equipped with a USDA-approved spark arrestor. Which, by the way, puts you on the good side of your local forest ranger. The machine also stows easily in boat or plane. Have some fun. Branch out with a Honda Mini Trail. Mother Nature is waiting.

Always ride safely. Wear a helmet and observe all rules of the road. For a tree color brochure write: American Honda Motor Co. lnc., Dept. XQ, Box 50, Gardena, Calif. 90247. (c) 1969, AHM.

Life Magazine, September 26th, 1969

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