Honda Z50A

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Small in size, big as they come in fun — that’s the new Honda Mini Trail 50. This Honda is a beautifully designed compact motorcycle. It features the famous Honda four-stroke overhead camshaft single-cylinder engine. Plenty powerful for its size. Honda dependable. You can have hours of fun with the Mini* Trail everyday. Years of fun with it if you treat it right. Honda has built in the best safety features for you and the environment. The USDA-approved spark arrestor/muffler not only protects the countryside, but also keeps the neighbors happy because it’s so quiet. The front and rear brakes stop you quick and sure. And the handy ignition cut-off switch lets you turn off the engine quickly with the flick of your finger. Come in and visit your nearby Honda dealer soon. Experience riding and owning a new Mini Trail. It’s fun, freedom and a good deal of responsibility. And, because it’s a Honda, it’s the best experience in motorcycling.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: March 1973

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  1. Goldie 11 January 2015 10:43


    CT50 is a Motra
    This is a Z50a mini trail


    • admin 12 January 2015 11:38

      I keep getting confused by these little bikes xD
      Thank you and please keep sending corrections so all the posts are named right!

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