Honda XR75

Boys' Life maart 1974Good things happen on a Honda
Smile! Get into the winning picture. With the Honda XR-75 K1. The new, compactsized tiger that’s ideal for the younger guy itching to get into real action. This is no mousey mini, but genuine competition-styled machinery. Built dependable with the Honda 72cc overhead cam four-stroke engine. Mounted in a tough, lightweight frame. And mated to a four-speed, close-ratio transmission. Result: a high power-to-weight ratio calculated to give you peak performance. Added to your advantage are big bore features like the braced MX handlebars, the CR-type grips, the quick-turn throttle, the teethed steel footpegs and brake pedal. Grabbing dirt is the name of the game, so the XR-75 K1 has knobby tires standard, beefy brakes front and rear and track-wise long-travel suspension. Visit your Honda dealer’s soon. Have the XR-75 K1 try you on for size. This grey beauty, pound for pound, can deliver more fun than any bike around.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: March 1974

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