Honda XL75 and XL250

Field_Stream_maart_1979_1 Field_Stream_maart_1979_2That’s the incredible Honda XL series. It’s an entire family of ingenious Honda on- and off-road motorcycles dedicated to your enjoyment of the outdoor life. four-Stroke Dependability. When you’re ready to buy a dual-purpose motor­cycle, you’ve got two choices: two-stroke or four- stroke. And when you look further into the matter, the preference becomes clear. Honda has been the leader in four-stroke motor­cycle technology for years. Honda XLs are state- art. They offer legendary dependability, a fact you’ll appreciate the further you leave civilization behind. They’re quiet. And they deliver better gas mileage than comparable two-stroke bikes. An Everyday Investment. Yet, while the great outdoors beckons, workday obligations persist. And your XL is standing by. Each machine is fully set up for the road, street legal in all states. Take the XL250S for example. It’s powered by a strong 249 cc single­ cylinder engine There’s a constant-mesh five-speed transmission which makes riding in city traffic easier. Fade and water-resistant brakes are fitted front and rear. And like other Honda XLs, it features primary kickstarting that lets you start in any gear with the clutch disengaged. refinements that enhance its dual-purpose nature. A passenger strap is added to the seat, as are passenger footpegs. And, of course, full road lighting, instrumentation, turn signals and mirrors are standard equipment. Add A Honda XL To Your Lifestyle. It’s a whole lot more than merely buying a motorcycle. A Honda XL can make what you do for business or pleasure a lot more fun. Your Honda dealer is standing by to show you the full line, from the XL75 for junior riders all the way to the incredible new XL500S. Each and every one is a getaway machine at heart.

Source: Field and Stream
Date: March 1979

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