Honda SS50

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Could it be any other way? A honda takes so easily to formal affairs. The perfection, the sophisticated styling are obvious. Everybody knows Honda is in a class by itself.

Prices start about $215*. Upkeep is held to a minimum. And you’ve 14 models to choose from. The biggest selection in the business.

Ride a Honda. Even is only for a run around the block. You wouldn’t look right on anything else.

Free: Color brochure, write American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Dept. KY, Box 50, Gardena, California 90247.
*Plus dealer’s transportation and set-up charges
©1966 AHM

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  1. Paulie 7 July 2018 14:07

    I don’t know if this is an SS50, but I’ll do a search for you!

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