Honda Trail 90


Announcing the Honda trail 90
A brand new trail machine with a 30% boost in power.

The Honda Trail 90 has 30% more power than the famous Honda Trail 55. It carries heavier loads over rougher terrain than any other trail bike in the business. Out on the open road, it does an honest 56 mph. And goes better than 160 miles on a gallon of gas. What else is new ? The only standard equipment spark arrestor approved by the USDA Forest Service; a rugged tube-framed skid plate; a 4-speed foot shift with an automatic clutch; and a steel front fender. As for price, $330* makes it the best trail buy on the market today. For the address of your nearest dealer or other information, write: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Dept. DI, 100 W. Alondra, Gardena, Calif.

Source: FFA National Future Farmer
Issue: 131
Page: 21
Date: October – November 1964

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