Honda Trail 90

FFANationalFutureFarmer144AprMay1966-p39-sm“Take your Trail 90 anywhere,” says Bob Agramonte.
Mr. Robert Agramonte of Laguna Beach, California takes a Honda Trail 90 aboard his yacht when exploring in the Channel Islands off the southern California coast. “I have been visiting the Channel Islands for over ten years on summer cruises of one or more weeks’ duration and have never been able to ex­plore them properly. But with the Trail 90, we were able to cover the difficult terrain comfortably. I recommend the Trail 90 to yachtsmen with a yen for exploration.” Hunting, fishing, or camp­ing, the Trail 90 solves your problems. No wonder Honda is the world’s biggest seller!

Source: FFA National Future Farmer
Issue: 144
Page: 39
Date: April – May 1966

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