Honda Trail 90

Field Stream sept 1971

Honda Trail 90.
The fisherman’s short cut.

Easy to take. Trail 90 handlebars swivel so the bike fit s snugly on the back of your truck or camper. It’s a cinch to load and unload. And when you’ re ready to ride. the handlebars lock back in place securely.

Nice to the environment.
The United States Department of Agriculture has approved the spark arrestor/muffler on the Honda Trail 90 so you can be sure it protects the environment … as well as your cars. And the complete wraparound heat shield on the exhaust pipe guards against leg burns.

Power to climb. The Trail 90 features Honda’s exclusive “Posi-torque” dual transmission. Low range for rough riding and climbing. High range for taking it easy. There’s an adjustable carburetor, too. Lets you maintain power as you keep climbing.

Never a worry. The Trail 90’s beautifully put together. Rugged dual-control brakes. Higher, more efficient air cleaner. Standard knobby tires. Telescopic front suspension. And, of course, the famous, dependable Honda overhead cam four-stroke engine. There’s no better friend to take along on a fishing trip.

From Mighty to Mini, Honda has it all.

Field and Stream, September 1971

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