Honda Trail 90

Field Stream mei 1970

Honda has your way back.

The trustworthy Honda Trail 90. It’s rugged enough to take a real beating and never quit. Clings to almost every surface with its large knobby tires. Smooths out the rough spots with its telescopic front suspension. And climbs hills that would stop a horse – a flip of a lever puts the special ” Posi-torque” dual trans in extra-low gearing. Fording a stream is never a problem for the Trail 90 either – engine and brakes are waterproof. An adjustable carburetor maintains peak engine efficiency in higher altitudes. A USDA approved spark arrestor/ muffler keeps the bike safe and quiet. And a wrap-around heat shield on the exhaust pipe gives even more protection. Next time you head into the backwoods, why don’t you ride the Trail 90. See it at your nearby Honda dealers. From mighty to mini, Honda has it all.

Field and Stream, May 1970

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