Honda Trail 90

Field Stream mei 1969

Be the first in your forest to get one.

Goal: get to those better hunting and fishing spots. Perfect vehicle: the new Honda trail 90. Reasons:
Convenience. It has a Posi-Torque transmission that changes from street to trail gearing with the flip of a lever. And the clutch IS automatic. Reliability. The Honda 4-stroke overhead-cam engine is famous for it. Economy. A tank of gas lasts up to 240 miles. Courtesy. It has a quiet muffler with USDA-approved spark arrestor. Top performance. From valley to mountain top. Thanks to the altitude-compensating carburetor. Easy handling. The bars are high. The frame is a step-thru. Both brakes can be applied by hand (when your feet are busy). Good clearance. Between the tires and the fenders. And between the engine and the ground. Clinchers. With watertight brakes, and an airtight warranty, the new Honda Trail 90 has everything and everybody going for it. See it at any Honda dealer’s. With 1800 sales and service centers across the country, you won’t have to hunt for one.

Field and Stream, May 1969

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