Honda CT90

p157Date of issue: March, 1973
Shown on page: 157
Magazine: Popular Mechanics

A Honda CT-90 is dependable. And when you’re riding rugged mountain trails, miles from the nearest road, that’s the most important thing of all. It’s a bike designed specifically for the most intrepid outdoorsman. Dependability built-in throughout. Sure-grip knobby tires. Telescopic suspension. Adjustable carburetor. An eight-speed “Posi-Torque” dual-range transmission – high for taking it easy, low for rough riding and climbing. The Trial 90 has the convenience features to go with its dependability. The handlebars can swivel for easy transport. A handy reserve fuel tank lets you explore further out than ever before. And a tripmeter built into the speedometer lets you know how far you’ve gone. The USDA-approved spark arrestor/muffler on the CT-90 helps protect the environment. While the wrap-around heat shield on the exhaust pipe helps protect you. And, of course, for more protection, there’s the strong Honda warranty. You should become familiar with its provisions. It all adds up to the trail bike more Americans depend on than any other – the Honda Trail 90. See it along with the many other models at your nearest Honda dealership. Honda has a model there for every different type of riding – trail, dirt, road, on/off road or minibike. And they’re all Honda dependable.

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