Honda CT90

Field Stream aug 1974

Honda makes a mighty fine mechanical mule.
The trail 90.

Prospecting for some pure riding pleasure? Join the thousands of happy folk who ride a Honda Trail 90. This is the best-selling trail bike in the world. In fact, the best-selling small bike of any kind! Why? Because the Honda Trail 90 has always put people first. The basic idea hasn’t changed. Because it was right from the beginning The step-through design makes it easier to get on and off. The riding position is comfortable, relaxing. The ease of handling will delight you.

You enjoy sparkly performance, too, from the reliable four-stroke OHC engine. And the dual-range transmission has a proper gear for high-tailing it or for just moseying along. A friendly, forgiving critter, the Honda Trail 90 is also better equipped than most mules Has lights and instruments and a folding handlebar for easier totin’. Ever notice how many Trail 90’s you see going to fun places on the backs of campers?

Come on in and see the CT-90 K5 at your Honda dealer’s now. And be ready for good things to happen. To you. Good things happen on a Honda.

For safety, we recommend that you always wear a helmet and eye protection, keep your lights on and check the local laws before you ride Honda “K” numbers indicate model changes. For a free color brochure, write: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Dept. IL, Box 50, Gardena, California 90247. 01974 AHM.

Source: Field and Stream
Date: July 10,1980

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