Honda CT90, XL70 and XL250

Boys' Life mei 1975

The new American Motorcycle gang.
All across America you see more of them. Small groups of people riding motorcycles. Usually Honda motorcycles. They’re the New American Motorcycle Gang—the American family. The amazing rate of growth of these gangs is due mainly to two things: Motorcycling is a sport the whole family can share; and it’s a lot of fun. Honda makes it remarkably easy for these new gangs. And that’s why more of them turn to Honda than to any other motorcycle manufacturer. Only Honda offers such a wide choice of models. There’s sure to be a Honda to fit just about any size gang member. Simple-to-ride models for women and beginners. And, from Florida to Alaska, Maine to Hawaii, there’s always a Honda dealership nearby to help the gangs get started and keep them rolling. But maybe, above all, it’s the Honda reputation that keeps the gangs growing—a reputation for dependability and quality with no equal. Discover all the good things that can happen to you and your family when you go riding. Bring them in to your nearby Honda dealer’s and get away with some new Honda motorcycles. It’s a great way to keep the whole gang together.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: may 1975

3 comments on “Honda CT90, XL70 and XL250

  1. Goldie 9 January 2015 17:00

    CT90 (ct110 was er pas in 1980)

    What did I win 🙂
    Greets Sven

    • admin 10 January 2015 17:55

      “Sanku yuu!” like the Japanese people tend to say! And you have won a box of sparkplug sparks! You can pick it up at your nearest carpart dealer! 😉

  2. Goldie 10 January 2015 23:16


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