Honda CB160, Trail 90 and CT200

LIFE 9 april 1965

  • Brand: Honda
  • model type: Various
  • Model name: No name given
  • Magazine: Life
  • Issue: april 9, 1965
  • Page Number: 74
  • Text in advertisement:

    How can you pas up a Honda? There’s so much going for you. Price, insurance, upkeep. The lowest in the business. A Honda sips gas: up to 200 miles to the gallon. The 4-stroke OHV engine is a model of precision. And almost too reliable. Sometimes you’d like an excuse to tinker with it. Although Honda has the largest parts and service organization in the country standing by. Just in case. And with 15 models to choose from nobody gets left out. Start with Honda. Trade up to Honda. Trade-in terms are generous. For further information, write American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Department JA, 100 W, Alondra, Gardena, California. CB160: $530 Trail 90: $330

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