Honda C50 (1970)

I saw her comin’from work. She was tall… all body and smiles. Well, I reckoned I’d chat her up! So I gives her the eye and waits for it all to happen. But no dice baby – she jumped a bus and was gone! So next pay day I got myself a HONDA CUB and made with the eye bit again. This time she came at me in sections! Wham-bang-wham-bamb! Boy she was a knock-out. She really dug my new HONDA. And, you know baby, this HONDA 50 saves me a bundle for new gear, discs and all that bit… 4 miles on a pennyworth of petrol! And it means I can leave her right to her pad – none of that last bus bit anymore baby! And she loves it. We’re regulars at it now – me, Angela and HONDA 50.

Source: Unknown, September 14 1970 (year is an estimation)

Extra references:

  • Honda CD90 – 168.6.0
  • Honda SS125 – 205.
  • Honda CD175A – 220.5.0

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