new deluxe type step-thru suits any rider

Every member of the family will find this newly improved deluxe model step-thru motorbike safe, easy to ride and ideal for dozens of uses. It is the newest version of the most popular motorbike in history. Honda has sold more than 7.000.000 of these step-thru marvels in dozens of nations around the world.

Exceptionally good service, the best safe riding features, very low gasoline costs and simple controls so anyone can ride it easily are the secrets of this best seller. The new deluxe model gives wonderful performance  and looks better than ever with new metallic colors and rustproof, unbreakable, color-impregnated polypropylene front fender.

Large plastic guard keeps water, mud and road dust away from the rider so you can wear any clothing without worries, while the step-thru style is loved by lady riders. Dependable power year after year is guaranteed by Honda’s tough OHC 4-stroke engine and the automatic clutch makes gear changing with the 3·speed transmission simple. Powerful brakes. bright lights, simple  to operate controls and many other safe riding features.

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