Honda CT90, Honda C100, Honda S50, Honda Ralley

LIFE 7 juli 1967 (1) LIFE 7 juli 1967 (2)

Honda shapes the world of wheels

Like a trip to Style City. All those cool classy models. Some 20 in all. Any one of ’em will sharpen your image. Honda leads the field. Craftsmanship like you can’t believe. Performance that’s no less spectacular. The famous 4-stroke engine is built to go the distance. Honda won five out of five ’66 Grand Prix Championships. A clean sweep from 50cc to 500cc. Nobody else has ever done so well. And keep this in mind. Honda draws a crowd. Think you’re up to it? See your local Honda dealer for a safety demonstration ride.

The Honda custom Group. You take your pick of customized Hondas at your dealer’s. Like the Rally above. These models feature a special type of tank. pipe, handlebars, seat. Wild.

See the “Invisible Circle” color film at your local Honda dealer’s. While you’re there, pick up a color brochure and safety pamphlet, or write: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Dept. QE, Box 50. Gardena, California 90247. © 1967, AHM.

Source: Life
Date: July 7, 1967

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