Honda C100, C102, C110 and C114

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Get Scooter features at a moped price with the Honda 50

You could hardly call it a moped-scooter features like two-up seating, speedometer and leg shields are included at only 79 gns. tax paid. The Honda 50 isn’t a scooter either-small scooter wheels give less road control. The Honda 50 isn’t a popping 2-stroke; it ‘s purring 4-stroke engine gets its high performance from components electronically measured with instruments used by Swiss watch-makers. It keeps oil apart from petrol, and off your plugs . . . gives twice the scooter’s m.p.g. And what scooter includes trafficators and wing mirrors in its price? The Honda 50 isn ‘t a scooter or a moped , but by any name you’ll call it the best buy in two wheels.

Honda 50 (C100) 79 gns. Tax paid
Honda 50 (C102) with electric starter 97 gns. Tax paid

These “extras” are “all-in” on the Honda 50

Single cylinder 4-stroke o.h.v. engine delivers greater r.p.m. than scooters twice its size. Swaps pop-pop for more power. Cushion drive takes the jerk out of getaway and gear changing.

Read right through the Honda SO’s specifications for even more features:

C100/C102 Engine o.h.v . single cylinder 4-stroke. Bore and stroke 40 x 39 mm. Cyl. capacity 49 cc. Compression ratio 8.5 : l . Maximum power 4.5 b.h.p . at 9,500 r.p.m. Ignition – Cl OD Fly generator with external H.T. coil. C102- battery ignition, self starter, 6v !!a/h battery . Clutch automatic, multiplate wet. Gears 3-speed, positive stop foot change. Gear ratios 1st 35.8, 2nd 19.3, top 12.8. Tyres 2.25 x 17. Suspension front leading link, rear pivoted fork. Petrol tank capacity 5 pints. Max. speed 43.4 m.p .h . Petrol consumption 140-150 m.p.g. at cruising speed. Weight C100 143 lbs., C102 154 lbs. Equipment speedometer, dual seat, rear view mirrors, trafficators, stop light, electric horn, pillion rests, anti-theft lock and comprehensive tool kit including spare plug. C102 has electric starter and kick starter.

From a long line of Honda track winners – the Sprint!

Honda Sprint (C110)
Here you have the handling and looks of a thoroughbred motorcycle with a weight only three times greater than a bicycle. The Honda Sprint is a fleet-footed 50 cc. single cylinder 4-stroke built for the open road. Your dealer has a leaflet for you giving full details … and a Honda Sprint!

Honda Sprint (C110) £109 . 19 . 0d. Tax paid
Honda Sprint (C114) £109 . 19 . 0d. (downswept exhaust) Tax paid

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