Honda C100 and C102

7312144036_abf0e332da_bThe new Honda “50’s” – The newest idea since the scooter…

There’s never been anything like the Honda range of nifty, thrifty 50’s! Here’s a whisper-quiet power (they’ll cruise all day at 40 with two up!) 250 mpg. Economy, and effortless handling that makes them great for shopping, ideal for commuting and tons of fun wherever you go!

Question to the reader: From which country do you think this comes from?

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  1. Boo Long 6 May 2015 19:44

    It’s from Britain. A Guinea is an old monetary unit, of a pound and a shilling (from the old pre decimal days before 1970 – It would be £1.05 in today’s money) It was traditionally used in horse dealing.. My theory as to why Honda used it here is possibly because the C102’s price in pounds would have broken the £100 barrier, so look like less of a bargain on the ads. (it was unusual but not unknown to price vehicles in Guineas by the 1960s, but was common in the early 20th century)

    • PB van Geelen 8 July 2015 07:01

      Thank you for your very interesting reply! (and sorry for not approving your comment sooner).

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