Honda C100

LIFE 16 aug 1963

America’s largest selling 2nd car (on two wheels)

If you see more and more sporty red Hondas these days, don’t be surprised. Not that Honda owners don’t have a car. It’s just that they’ve been spoiled. Running errands on a Honda is more fun. And you save a lot of money. Take the price, for instance: $245 (plus a modest set-up charge). Could anything be lower? Look what you’ve got going for you in a Honda. A 4-stroke 50cc OHV engine that conjures up to 225 miler to a gallon of gas. At 45 mph you hardly know the motor’s there. Even a double load can’t ruffle it. Other things count, too: 3-speed transmission, automatic clutch, dual cam-type brakes on both wheels, even as optional push-button starter for the ultimate in ease. But the biggest thing is the sheer fun od owning a Honda. And meeting the nicest people. How about making tour 2nd car a Honda? You;ll have lots of company. For address of your nearest dealer or other information, write: American Honda Motor co., In.,c Dept. P, 100 West Alondra, Gardena, California.

Life Magazine, August 16th, 1963

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