Honda C100


YOU MEET THE nicest people ON A HONDA

Maybe is’t the incredibly low price, $245 (plus modest set-up charge). Or the fact is doesn’t gulp gas. Just sips it – 225 miles to the gallon. Or the way the masterful 4-stroke 50cc OHV motor carries you along at 45 mph without a murmur. More like gliding than riding. Or it could be the ease of 3-speed transmission, automatic clutch, and the extra safety of Honda’s dual cam-type brakes on both wheels. The optional push-button starter makes you feel right at home, too. But most likely it’s the fun. Evidently nothing catches on like the fun of owning a Honda. You see so many around these days. And the nicest people riding them. Why don’t you join in?

Life Magazine, June 14th, 1963

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