Honda C100

LIFE 3 april 1964


You meet the nicest people on a Honda

Hondas are very uptown. They never gulp gas. just sip it; 200 miles to the gallon. The 1-stroke 50cc engine performs brilliantly. With just enough bite to hold an uncomplaining 45 mph. Among other niceties: 3-speed transmission, automatic clutch, cam-type brakes on both wheels. Even an optional pushbutton starter. Oh yes, the Honda 50 sells for $245, plus a modest set-up charge. You see a lot of them around these days. They’re the greatest thing on wheels. For address of your nearest dealer or other information, write: American Honda Motor Co.. Inc., Dept. BC, 100 West Alondra, Gardena, California.

Source: Life
Date: april 3, 1964


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